Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Website Traffic

Boasting our niche expertise as an SEO agency, we employ real-time insights, and competitive analysis practices to establish a recognized presence on the search engines

What We Do

Keyword Selection

Our SEO experts are thorough in their keyword research to ensure that we produce high-quality content that engages with your visitors.

Local SEO

From Google My Business creation, update, optimization, to conversion tracking and geo-tagging, our SEO professionals help you weave a complete local SEO strategy.

SEO Reporting

Our SEO consultants offer superior Google Analytics solutions that include tagging complex tracking codes, employing tag manager and providing detailed SEO reports.

Authority Backlinks

The quality of backlinks that point to your site is equally important as content and user experience. Similarly, link building provides a link back to your site to increase the authority of your website.

User Experience

Developing the best user experience is a combination of thoughtful conceptual planning, creative design, fast page loading time and sound development practices.

Technical Audits

We perform detailed SEO audit evaluating the various aspects of site performance, metadata and keyword analysis.

Our SEO Services Expertise

Critically Audit Your Website

To start with we will run an in-depth analysis of your website. Once we have identified all areas that need improvement, we will present you with a detailed Audit Report. The aim is to follow a process which better communicates your keywords with the major Search Engines. Ultimately – we aim to increase sales through directing more clients to your website.

On & Off Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation refers to the work carried out on your website such as the content, pictures, meta titles, meta descriptions etc. Off-Page Optimisation refers to the work carried out away from your website such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc. The goal of both of these is to target your keywords in such a way that the algorithm of the search engines like your website and therefore push you higher. The Web Choice UK team will work hard on both the on and off page activities to maximise the ranking results of your website.